M. Montaz Ali

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There is a need for a methodology to fairly compare and present evaluation study results of stochastic global optimization algorithms. This need raises two important questions of (i) an appropriate set of benchmark test problems that the algorithms may be tested upon and (ii) a methodology to compactly and completely present the results. To address the(More)
This paper studies the efficiency and robustness of some recent and well known population set based direct search global optimization methods such as Controlled Random Search, Differential Evolution, and the Genetic Algorithm. Some modifications are made to Differential Evolution and to the Genetic Algorithm to improve their efficiency and robustness. All(More)
In this paper we propose a new version of the Controlled Random Search (CRS) algorithm of Price [13, 14, 15]. The new algorithm has been tested on thirteen global optimization test problems. Numerical experiments indicate that the resulting algorithm performs considerably better than the earlier versions of the CRS algorithms. The algorithm, therefore,(More)
In this paper, a real-coded genetic algorithm (RCGA) which incorporates an exploratory search mechanism based on vector projection termed projection-based RCGA (PRCGA) is benchmarked on the noisefree BBOB 2013 testbed. It is an enhanced version of RCGA-P in [22, 23]. The projection operator incorporated in PRCGA shows promising exploratory search capability(More)
In this paper, we mainly study one class of mixed-integer nonlinear programming problems (MINLPs) with vector conic constraint in Banach spaces. Duality theory of convex vector optimization problems applied to this class of MINLPs is deeply investigated. With the help of duality, we use the generalized Benders decomposition method to establish an algorithm(More)