M Montag-Lowy

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The nuclear lamins form a fibrous structure, the nuclear lamina, at the periphery of the nucleus. Recent results suggest that lamins are also present as foci or spots in the nucleoplasm at various times during interphase of the cell cycle (Goldman, A. E., R. D. Moir, M. Montag-Lowy, M. Stewart, and R. D. Goldman. 1992. J. Cell Biol. 104:725-732; Bridger, J.(More)
When microinjected into the cytoplasm of 3T3 cells, biotinylated human lamin A rapidly enters the nucleus and gradually becomes incorporated into the nuclear lamina region as determined by immunofluorescence. The incorporation of the microinjected material takes several hours and progresses through a series of morphologically identifiable stages. Within(More)
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