M. Moliner

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The conversion of glucose into fructose for the production of high-fructose corn syrups (HFCS) is the largest biocatalytic process in the world, and it recently has been considered as a key intermediate step in the conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals. [1] This reaction is typically catalyzed by an immobilized enzyme, xylose isomerase, that(More)
The synthesis of crystalline molecular sieves with pore dimensions that fill the gap between microporous and mesoporous materials is a matter of fundamental and industrial interest. The preparation of zeolitic materials with extralarge pores and chiral frameworks would permit many new applications. Two important steps in this direction include the synthesis(More)
Crystalline molecular sieves with large pores and high adsorption capacities have many potential applications. Of these materials, zeolites are of particular interest owing to their stability in a wide range of experimental conditions. An aluminophosphate with very large circular channels(5) containing 18 oxygen atoms (18-ring channels) has been(More)
In this study we will analyze the attitude of older adults to advertisements, differentiating between advertisements that contain rhetorical figures (trope ads) and those that do not (explicit ads). We will also study their attitude toward the brand advertised according to their degree of involvement with the product. In the course of the empirical(More)
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