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In this paper, a true random number generator based on a simple circuit is proposed. The circuit consists of an operational amplifier with a positive feedback. It is a Schmitt trigger circuit without any applied input signal. A Schmitt trigger circuit gives a positive saturated output voltage +V sat or negative saturated output voltage-V sat depending on(More)
Intelligent transport system (ITS) deals with the remote sensing as well as access to the Internet and multimedia on the move. There is a need for a system that supports both remote sensing and communication aspects with simple and reconfigurable hardware. In the present work MATLAB/SIMULINK based modeling of such a system is done based on DSSS. Hardware(More)
— Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems have recently emerged as a key technology in wireless communication systems for increasing both data rates and system performance. There are many schemes that can be applied to MIMO systems such as space time block codes, space time trellis codes, and the Vertical Bell Labs Space-Time Architecture (V-BLAST).(More)
Multi-carrier system has been fuelled by large demand on frequency allocation, resulting in a crowded spectrum as well as large number of users requiring simultaneous access. Existing wireless systems may be utilized single frequency, single antenna and pulse for carrier transmission and reception. Problems of such system is that in case of failure the(More)
— Motivated by MIMO broad-band fading channel model, in this section we deals with the capacity behaviour of wireless MIMO and OFDM based spatial multiplexing systems in broad-band fading environments for the case where the channel is unknown at the transmitter and perfectly known at the receiver. This influence the propagation and system parameters on(More)
— Motivated by MIMO broad-band fading channel model, in this section a comparative study is presented regarding various uncoded adaptive and non-adaptive MIMO detection algorithms with respect to BER/PER performance, and hardware complexity. All the simulations are conducted within MIMO-OFDM framework and with a packet structure similar to that of IEEE(More)
(2000) Organic dust and gaseous contaminants at wood working shops. (1987) The effect of formaldehyde exposure upon the mononuclear phagocyte system of mice. Impeded lung function in moulders and coremakers handling furan resin sand. Int. Arch. Changes in respiratory function after one and three hours of exposure to formaldehyde in non-smoking(More)
Demand for capacity and bandwidth increasing day-by-day in the area of wireless communication. One of the solutions is the utilization of frequency bands for broadband communication that is related to satellite communication. Mostly Ka-band is used in satellite communication. In this paper, an attempt is taken to design an optimized resonant-cap Ka-band(More)
The realization of wireless communication providing high speed, high capacity and high quality information exchange between two portable terminals that might be located anywhere in the world is still the communication challenge. For the development of future wireless communication systems, an extremely spectrum-efficient transmission technology is required.(More)