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Modern technology unintentionally provides resources that enable the trust of everyday interactions to be undermined. Some authentication schemes address this issue using devices that give a unique output in response to a challenge. These signatures are generated by hard-to-predict physical responses derived from structural characteristics, which lend(More)
(2012). Diamond heat sinking of terahertz antennas for continuous-wave photomixing. The generation of cw Terahertz radiation from photomixing in low-temperature grown GaAs is limited by the thermal load for single emitters. We propose a new heat sinking scheme based on high thermal conductivity, transparent crystalline heat spreaders as diamond in direct(More)
Keywords: Low-noise amplifier InGaAs/InAlAs/InP PHEMT Low leakage SKA Radio astronomy a b s t r a c t The ultra-low leakage properties of a novel InGaAs/InAlAs/InP structure have been used to fabricate large gate periphery pHEMTs (up to 1200 mm 2) required for wide band low-noise amplifiers (LNA). The devices were characterized and both linear and(More)
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