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Modern technology unintentionally provides resources that enable the trust of everyday interactions to be undermined. Some authentication schemes address this issue using devices that give a unique output in response to a challenge. These signatures are generated by hard-to-predict physical responses derived from structural characteristics, which lend(More)
(2012). Diamond heat sinking of terahertz antennas for continuous-wave photomixing. The generation of cw Terahertz radiation from photomixing in low-temperature grown GaAs is limited by the thermal load for single emitters. We propose a new heat sinking scheme based on high thermal conductivity, transparent crystalline heat spreaders as diamond in direct(More)
This paper presents a theoretical investigation into the feasibility of designing tunable resonators and circulators exploiting the gyroelectric behavior of the high-mobility 2-D electron gas (2-DEG). Operational regions are assigned and the resonant and perfect circulation conditions for 2-DEG materials analyzed to demonstrate the potential of the design.(More)
This paper presents the design, fabrication and characterisation of InGaAs-InAlAs pHEMTs suitable for low frequency LNA designs. Transistors with variations in the supply layer thickness or Indium concentration are designed to provide for a range of transfer characteristics. Very low levels of leakage, of order of 0.2 μA/mm, are demonstrated by these(More)
A set of novel left-handed LH) basic block monolithic-microwave integrated-circuit (MMIC) components (transmission line, open and short stubs) are presented with applications to the RF/microwave filter and power divider. These new open and short LH MMIC resonators have compact sizes of 0.11 and 0.22 mm<sup>2</sup>, respectively. The prototypes of an LH(More)
Using a novel interatomic force field, called MMP, we study the morphology of Graphene layers under a variety of strain conditions. We report that strain induced ripples possess the &#x201C;right&#x201D; kind of elastic deformation that is necessary in order to produce appreciable bandgap opening, which we calculate using Tight Binding, even for low enough(More)
This paper presents the characterisation of several solar cell devices using a single layer of anti-reflective coating (ARC). Several devices, consisting of InAs/GaAs quantum dots cylindrical diodes, were fabricated and characterised. The main difference between the used materials is the inter-dot doping profile. The J-V characteristic for the devices has(More)
In this work, the design of a novel low noise amplifier (LNA) based on 1&#x03BC;m gate-length InGaAs/InAlAs/InP pHEMT transistors is discussed. Designed for radio astronomy applications, this amplifier exploits a common drain configuration as an input stage and a common source inductive degeneration topology as an output stage. It exhibits a maximum gain of(More)