M. Mirmirani

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The optimal strategy available to the immune system for responding to a non-replicating thymus-independent antigen is examined. By applying Pontryagin's maximum principle to a set of mathematical models of lymphocyte populations and their antibody production, it is found that the optimal strategy of bang-bang control appears robust. In a variety of(More)
After a first encounter with most antigens, the immune system responds to susequent encounters with a faster, more efficient and more strenuous antibody response. The memory of previous antigen contacts is carried by lymphocytes. Expanding on the model developed in Part 1 of this paper, we examine the optimal strategy available to the immune system for B(More)
A Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) adaptive sliding controller is designed and analyzed for the longitudinal dynamics of a generic hypersonic air vehicle. This vehicle model is highly nonlinear, multivariable, unstable and includes 6 uncertainty parameters. Simulation studies were conducted for trimmed cruise conditions of 110,000 ft and Mach 15 where the(More)
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