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The aim of this study was to evaluate the best clinical use of Flumazenil, a specific antagonist of benzodiazepines, during endoscopic exams. Two-hundred patients were studied: 120 were treated with Flumazenil and 80 with placebo. The patients were prepared for the endoscopic exam with local anaesthesia and i.v. Diazepam administration. Controls performed(More)
Leiomyoma is the most frequent benign neoplasia of the esophagus. It is generally diagnosed, accidentally during a radiologic examination (filling defect with clear and regular margins) or endoscopically (sessile, hemispheric, covered by pink mucosa). Recently, to the above conventional exams, endoscopic ultrasonography has been added allowing to identify(More)
The estimating methods of the meteorological parameters at Meteorology and Hydrology National Agency (ANMH) standard offers sufficient data to answered at the requirements of the population. Thus, it was ascertained that through the determination of fractal dimension of temporal series obtains different values for neighboring zones, values which should(More)
The different surgical options for the treatment of non toxic nodular goiter led the Authors to study the residual thyroid function following conservative surgery (subtotal thyroidectomy, lobectomy and enucleation). Follow-up showed an overall recurrence rate of 49%, with a higher rate after lobectomy and enucleation than after subtotal thyroidectomy. On(More)
Male breast cancer is a rare neoplasia and represents only 1% of all forms of breast cancer. The etiopathogenesis of breast carcinoma is still unknown in both males and females, but an altered hormonal metabolism may play a role in its genesis. The prognosis of breast cancer is slightly worse in males, especially in cases with axillary lymph node(More)
The urogenital inflammations may be considered as "apparatus pathology". We analyze only inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland, because it may be extensible to the entire male genital apparatus. Among aethiological agents of infections an important role belongs to Chlamydia and Mycoplasma; we describe various methods for diagnosis of the Chlamydia and(More)
The Authors report their experience in the management of gynaecomastia. Physiologic, pathologic and iatrogenic causes of the lesion, as well as possible interfering mechanisms, and diagnostic protocol are examined. When there is no spontaneous regression or when the precipitating factors are eliminated surgery is the therapeutical choice, also because it(More)
D. Schiffer, L. Palmucci, R. Torta, M. T. Giordana (Torino): On the problem of reticulosarcomas-malignant lymphomas of the nervous system. Morphological and histochemical study of 25 neurosurgical specimens. K. Budka, K. Jetlinger, K. Mittermeyer (Wien): CMS leukemia in adults: CSF cytological and neuropathological study. G. W. Kreutzberg, P. Schubert(More)
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