M. Micheal Babu

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The indiscriminate use of antibiotics and chemicals in shrimp hatcheries has led to biomagnification and that in turn could lead to rejection of a whole consignment. The application of the bioencapsulation technique as a tool for curative treatment in shrimp larvae was investigated. Herbs having antibacterial properties such as Solanum trilobatum,(More)
Phytochemicals represent a rich resource for the discovery of novel pesticides that are effective, cheap and environmentally safe. The main targeted mosquito vectors Aedes aegypti and Anopheles stephensi cause serious human diseases. The chloroform, acetone, ethanol, methanol and aqueous peel extracts of Arachis hypogaea were studied for its larvicidal(More)
Phytoplasma belonging to subgroup 16SrII-A and identified as “Candidatus Phytoplasma australasiae”- was found constantly associated with phyllody of Pedalium murex, a common medicinal cum succulent weed in coconut ecosystem prevalent in South India. Infected P. murex showed stunted growth with reduced leaf size, shortened internodes and the characteristic(More)
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