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INTRODUCTION Given the lasting impact of psychological distress on behavior, along with the role of the microbiome in neurobehavioral development, we sought to examine the relationship between the microbiota and stress-induced behavioral deficits. METHODS Male C57BL/6 mice exposed to chronic social defeat were subjected to behavioral analysis and(More)
Although women constitute half of all HIV-1-infected people worldwide (UNAIDS World AIDS Day Report, 2011), the earliest events in the female reproductive tract (FRT) during heterosexual HIV-1 transmission are poorly understood. Recently, we demonstrated that HIV-1 could directly impair the mucosal epithelial barrier in the FRT. This suggested that the(More)
IL-15 plays many important roles within the immune system. IL-15 signals in lymphocytes via trans presentation, where accessory cells such as macrophages and dendritic cells present IL-15 bound to IL-15Rα in trans to NK cells and CD8(+) memory T cells expressing IL-15/IL-2Rβ and common γ chain (γ(c)). Previously, we showed that the prophylactic delivery of(More)
BACKGROUND Stress-related disorders involve systemic alterations, including disruption of the intestinal microbial community. Given the putative connections between the microbiota, immunity, neural function, and behaviour, we investigated the potential for microbe-induced gut-to-brain signalling to modulate the impact of stress on host behaviour and(More)
Multiuser detection technique has been applied for capacity enhancement in the presence of loading, voice activity, sectorization, inter & intra interference in multicell scenario of third 3G WCDMA system. In CDMA based system, each user transmits a data sequences spreaded by a code. This code is Unique to the mobile station (MS) and base station (BS) on(More)
Present paper deal with the analytical treatment for the forward link (base station to mobile station) erlarg capacity of the 3rd Generation CDMA based system known as WCDMA along with the different services of data rate in multipath fading channel. The erlarg capacity of the system is calculated in term of required power at the base station supports number(More)
— Voice communication over internet not be possible without a reliable data network, this was first available when distributed network topologies were used in conjunction with data packets. Early network used single centre node network in which a single workstation (Server) is responsible for the communication. This posed problems as if there was a fault(More)
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