M. Mercedes Martínez-González

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The Convergence process in which European Union (EU) universities are at present involved supposes that these institutions not only have to re-structure their degree programmes, but also their teaching and learning methodologies. We study the impact of this EU process on Database teaching, comparing the practices of three different European universities and(More)
Digital libraries are systems that contain organized collections of objects, serving in their most basic functions as a mirror of the traditional library that contains paper documents. Most of the information contained in the collections of a digital library consists of documents, which can evolve with time. That is, a document can be modified to obtain a(More)
Native XML databases (NXD) are called to play a crucial role in the near future. The experience with relational databases shows that standard methods for accessing and manipulating databases are necessary if wide acceptance of these database systems is to be expected in information systems whose applications should access databases preferably through(More)