M. Meraj Ahmed

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BACKGROUND Limited-incision total hip arthroplasty (THA) preserves hip abductors, posterior capsule, and external rotators potentially diminishing dislocation risk. However, potential complications also exist, such as component malposition. Specific implants have been manufactured that enhance compatibility with this technique, while preserving metaphyseal(More)
Address for Correspondence: Dr. Mohammed Meraj Ahmed, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Anatomy, SVS MEDICAL COLLEGE, Mahaboobnagar, Andhra Pradesh, India. M.No +919849626775. E-Mail: getdrmeraj@rediffmail.com Access this Article online Quick Response code Web site: 1,*2, 3 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anatomy, SVS MEDICAL COLLEGE, Mahaboobnagar, Andhra Pradesh,(More)
Introduction & Objective: The circulus arteriosus, exist between the internal carotid arteries and two vertebral arteries, that supplies the remainder. It slows down the blood before it reaches the brain and helps in collateral circulation. The knowledge of the CirculusArteriosus and its variations is essential in clinico –pathological conditions such as(More)
Multichip systems with memory stacks and various processing chips are at the heart of platform based designs such as servers and embedded systems. Full utilization of the benefits of these integrated multichip systems need a seamless, and scalable in-package interconnection framework. However, state-of-the-art inter-chip communication requires long wireline(More)
This study was conducted at the request of authorities in western Darfour State, to address the public concern about the levels of radioactivity in the area of Jebel Mun situated at Sudan-Chad international boundaries. It has been identified as a high background radiation area through aerial geological surveys conducted in late 1970s. The ambient gamma dose(More)
The three-dimensional (3D) multi planar reformatted images from conventional cross-sectional computed tomography data have been increasingly used to better demonstrate the anatomy and pathologic conditions of various organ systems. This study was conducted to assess the 3D CT and OPG techniques in demonstrating the anatomy of the mandible including body,(More)
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