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The literature increasingly recognizes the interactive nature of innovation processes. Biomedical innovation, in particular, tends to be highly interactive. Given the ubiquitous nature of interactivity in biomedical innovation, we argue that the concept of innovation being interactive or distributed is not sufficiently differentiated to capture variation in(More)
Natural and man-made disaster,w hose impact has been increasing on the last years, present aseries of common dynamics which can be exploited for amore ef®cient emergencyman-agement. Current disaster management systems focus on single types of emergencies and cannot be ¯exibly adapted to the respective situation. The presented approach developed during the(More)
  • Felício Rocho NATE, Karina G. de Alvarenga, +9 authors Felício Rocho
  • 2007
Unitermos: epilepsia refratária, tratamento cirúrgico, controle de crises. ABSTRACT Refractory epilepsy: the experience of the NATE Introduction: Epilepsy is a health public problem. Afflicts more than 50 million people worldwide, and more than 20 million of those affected do not have satisfactory seizures control with medicine. The refractory epilepsy(More)
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