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IntAct is an open-source, open data molecular interaction database and toolkit. Data is abstracted from the literature or from direct data depositions by expert curators following a deep annotation model providing a high level of detail. As of September 2009, IntAct contains over 200.000 curated binary interaction evidences. In response to the growing data(More)
Systematic studies of cancer genomes have provided unprecedented insights into the molecular nature of cancer. Using this information to guide the development and application of therapies in the clinic is challenging. Here, we report how cancer-driven alterations identified in 11,289 tumors from 29 tissues (integrating somatic mutations, copy number(More)
Video transcoding techniques supply interoperability of a great variety of devices that can be connected by various communication networks with different data rate requirements. Particularly inhomogeneous video transcoding is the conversion of an existing video bitstream from one standard into a bitstream of another standard, for example the conversion from(More)
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