M. Melosik

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The paper deals with symbolic analysis used for obtaining the transfer functions of filtering structures based on gyrator-capacitor prototype circuits. Following sections discuss the principle of symbolic analysis that utilizes structural numbers to represent data. There are provided algorithms for obtaining the frequency responses of the filter. The work(More)
The paper presents an algorithmic approach to low sensitive design strategy for switched-current(SI) filter pairs based on a gyrator-capacitor prototype circuit. There is EDA software suite presented its cooperation with associated commercial tools. The functionalities of EDA system are illustrated by the design of filter pair of 5th order that was further(More)
This article presents a proposition of an FPAA-type programmable accelerator for image preprocessing. The structure of the accelerator is modelled basing on CPLD digital circuits. The innovation here – is using the current mode, which makes it possible to implement the accelerator in nanometre technologies. Another original solution proposed in the work is(More)
In this paper a survey of analog application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for low-level image processing, called vision chips, is presented. Due to the specific requirements, the vision chips are designed using different architectures best suited to their functions. The main types of the vision chip architectures and their properties are presented(More)
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