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This paper explores the hypothesis that gender wage differentials arise from the interaction between the intra-household allocation of labor and the contractual relation between firms and workers in the presence of private information on workers’ labor market attachment. In our model, households efficiently choose the contribution of each spouse to home(More)
Imports of goods that embody foreign technology can raise a country’s output directly as inputs into production and indirectly through reverse engineering of these goods, contributing to domestic imitation and innovation. This paper quantifies spillovers from high technology imports to domestic imitation and innovation in both developed and developing(More)
Internet auctions (such as eBay) differ from the traditional auction format in that participants 1) typically face a choice over several simultaneous auctions and 2) often have limited information about rival bidders. Since existing economic models do not account for these features of the bidding environment, it should not be surprising that even casual(More)
Recent evidence has demonstrated that expression of leptin and leptin receptors is expected in the human ovary, and that leptin alters ovarian steroidogenesis in animal models. This study was designed to determine whether leptin modulates basal, gonadotrophin-, and insulin-stimulated progesterone production by human luteinized granulosa cells (GC). GC were(More)
This paper tests the rationality of retirement expectations, controlling for sample selection and reporting biases. We find that retirement expectations in the Health and Retirement Study are consistent with the Rational Expectations hypothesis. We also analyze how new information affects the evolution of retirement expectations and discover that, on(More)
Despite their relatively simple structure, internet auctions demonstrate a puzzling discrepancy between the predictions of standard auction theory and the actual behavior of bidders. In particular, despite the second-price structure of eBay auctions, eBay bidders frequently bid multiple times over the course of a single auction and cluster their bids at the(More)
Morphological techniques and metabolic cell marker assays were used to study the transdifferentiation of pulmonary type II epithelial cells to type I-like cells in vitro. In the lung this process is important during remodelling and alveolar repair. Type II cell phenotype was best maintained over eight days when densely packed cells were plated out on a(More)
Earnings di¤erentials between men and women have experienced a stable convergence during the 1980s, following a process started in the late 1970s. However, in the 1990s the convergence has almost stopped. The …rst objective of the paper is to evaluate if discrimination, de…ned as explicit prejudice, may have a role in explaining this slowdown in the(More)