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The dwarf spheroidal satellite galaxies (dSphs) of the Milky Way are some of the most dark matter (DM) dominated objects known. We report on γ-ray observations of Milky Way dSphs based on six years of Fermi Large Area Telescope data processed with the new Pass8 event-level analysis. None of the dSphs are significantly detected in γ rays, and we present(More)
Multiple cell types contribute to the pulmonary barrier including Type I and Type II alveolar epithelium. The objective of this research was to establish and characterize an in vitro model of Type II alveolar epithelium using the A549 human lung adenocarcinoma cell line. A549 cells form confluent monolayers with Type II characteristic morphology and tannic(More)
M. Ackermann, M. Ajello, A. Albert,* A. Allafort, L. Baldini, G. Barbiellini, D. Bastieri, K. Bechtol, R. Bellazzini, E. Bissaldi, E. D. Bloom, E. Bonamente, E. Bottacini, T. J. Brandt, J. Bregeon, M. Brigida, P. Bruel, R. Buehler, S. Buson, G.A. Caliandro, R. A. Cameron, P. A. Caraveo, J.M. Casandjian, C. Cecchi, E. Charles, R. C. G. Chaves, A. Chekhtman,(More)
Gamma-ray line signatures can be expected in the very-high-energy (E(γ)>100 GeV) domain due to self-annihilation or decay of dark matter (DM) particles in space. Such a signal would be readily distinguishable from astrophysical γ-ray sources that in most cases produce continuous spectra that span over several orders of magnitude in energy. Using data(More)
BACKGROUND Multimorbidity has a negative impact on health-related quality of life (HRQL). Previous studies included only a limited number of conditions. In this study, we analyse the impact of a large number of conditions on HRQL in multimorbid patients without preselecting particular diseases. We also explore the effects of these conditions on the specific(More)
It has been shown previously that erythrocytes can be lysed by complement proteins C5b-8, albeit at a much lower rate than C5b-9. We have now performed kinetic sieving experiments with resealed erythrocyte ghosts using sucrose (0.9 nm molecular diameter) and inulin (3.0 nm molecular diameter) as markers. We found that treatment of the ghosts with C5b-8(More)
The flat-spectrum radio quasar PKS1441+25 at a redshift of z = 0.940 is detected between 40 and 250 GeV with a significance of 25.5σ using the MAGIC telescopes. Together with the gravitationally lensed blazar QSOB0218 +357 (z = 0.944), PKS1441+25 is the most distant very high energy (VHE) blazar detected to date. The observations were triggered by an(More)
EAC4b,3b (sheep erythrocytes carrying rabbit antibody and guinea pig complement component fragments C4b and C3) adsorb human C5b,6 reversibly; the avidity of binding varies inversely with ionic strength. We believe that the receptor of C5b,6 is contributed by the cell-bound C3b because the binding capacity of EAC4b,3b varies with C3b multiplicity and can be(More)
We have studied the release of radiolabeled small markers from nucleated cells carrying complement channels in order to determine the life-span of these channels at various temperatures. U937 cells, a human histiocytic cell line, were labeled with 14C-aminoisobutyric acid or 86RbCl, and treated with sublytic doses of C to form transmembrane channels. The(More)
The ion permeability of planar lipid bilayers, as measured electrically, was found to increase modestly upon treatment with purified complement complex C5b,6 and complement components C7 and C8. The subsequent addition C9 greatly amplified this change. No permeability changes occurred when components were added individually to the membrane, or when they(More)