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The dimeric pyrrole imidazole natural products are a growing class of alkaloids with exotic connectivity, unique topologies, high nitrogen content, and exciting bioactivities. This full account traces the evolution of a strategy that culminated in the first total syntheses of several members of this family, including sceptrin, ageliferin, nagelamide E,(More)
Dimeric pyrrole imidazole alkaloids such as the massadines, axinellamines, and palau amines, are marinederived natural products that represent a great opportunity to advance fundamental chemical synthesis (Figure 1). At the heart of their structure is a daunting stereochemical puzzle embedded in a fully substituted cyclopentane framework with spiro-fused(More)
The complete, entirely artificial, signal-transduction process was realized with a pair of tailored transmembrane units that were equipped with receptor- and reactive sites at both amphiphilic ends. Thus, docking of the primary messenger, transmission of the signal, and release of the secondary messenger could all be imitated in a single experimental setup.(More)
This is a report about the experiences and results of replacement of the fibulo-talar-ligaments by using the peronaeus brevis tendon. The typical anatomic and biomechanic findings are shown as well as the typical traumatisms. The importance of a good primary diagnosis and a good primary treatment is shown. In case of persisting of older instabilities we(More)
Multifunctional transmembrane-building blocks with recognition sites for adrenaline on one end and the reaction partners for an SN2 reaction on the opposite end have been embedded in DPPC-liposomes. These doped vesicles can be quantitatively reduced at their disulfide head groups by externally added reducing agents; their composition and chemical processes(More)