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This paper presents detailed analysis to compare and evaluate the performances of four control strategies for extracting the reference currents of shunt active power filter under distorted and unbalanced source and load conditions. The four controllers are based on instantaneous reactive power (p-q), d-q coordinate formulation (d-q), unity power factor(More)
— The principle of a new adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller (NFC) is introduced and used for indirect vector control of induction motor drives. The proposed algorithm has advantages of neural and fuzzy networks and uses a supervised emotional learning process to train the NFC. This newly developed design leads to a controller with minimum hardware and improved(More)
Congestion cost allocation is an important issue in congestion management. This paper presents a genetic algorithm (GA) to determine the optimal generation levels in a deregulated market. The main issue is congestion in lines, which limits transfer capability of a system with available generation capacity. Nodal pricing method is used to determine(More)
Single-phase systems are adequate for residential applications up to an apparent power S of 5 kVA (per residence), and 25 kVA single-phase pole transformers supply power to about 5–10 residences. In rural areas irrigation applications require single-phase motor ratings of up to 50 kVA. Above this rating three-phase power equipment must be employed for(More)
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