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In vitro studies with diffusates obtained following dialysis of serum samples have enabled us to confirm the presence of inhibiting and activating factors influencing CPK activity. Activating factors are commonly found in many neuromuscular disorders like Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), spinal muscular atrophy and hypothyroid neuromyopathy, and(More)
A detailed study of four cases of MND-Madras has shown a significantly low plasma citrate level in these subjects. Comparison with other related groups of neurological disorders indicates the citrate/pyruvate ratio to be of diagnostic value in MND-Madras. This seems to suggest that the pathophysiology of MND-Madras may centre round altered citrate(More)
This communication reports biochemical findings in 7 patients with anterior horn cell disease. The diagnosis was confirmed by evidence of denervation in the EMG and mukle biopsy with normal motor conduction velocities. In 4 of these patients, upper extremities were involved in a symmetrical fashion. In 1, the upper and lower extremities were involved in a(More)
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