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The supplementary control signal is provided by means of Power System Stabilizer (PSS), will damp the low frequency oscillations. This paper presents the design of fuzzy logic based power system stabilizers using genetic algorithms in multimachine power system. In the proposed fuzzy expert system, generator speed deviation and its derivative are chosen as(More)
Reactive power plays an important role in supporting the real power transfer by maintaining voltage stability and system reliability. It is a critical element for a transmission operator to ensure the reliability of an electric system while minimizing the cost associated with it. The traditional objectives of reactive power dispatch are focused on the(More)
In pursuit of flexible and agile automation within the domain of discrete manufacturing, a paint-shop with its surrounding logistics and handling processes is under construction as a laboratory prototype application. Holonic Manufacturing is argued to be a promising strategic paradigm and architecture to use for a system characterized by flexible production(More)
In the interconnected power system network, instability problems are caused mainly by the low frequency oscillations of 0.2 to 2.5 Hz .The supplementary control signal in addition with AVR and high gain excitation systems are provided by means of Power System Stabilizer (PSS). Conventional power system stabilizers provide effective damping only on a(More)
The design and implementation of Power System Stabilizer (PSS) in a multimachine power system based on innovative evolutionary algorithm plainly as Breeder Genetic Algorithm (BGA) with Adaptive Mutation is described in this paper. For the analysis purpose a Conventional Power System Stabilizer and a Conventional Genetic Algorithm based Power System(More)
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