M. Mary Eshaghian

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In this paper we study the resource requirements of electrooptical organizations in performing digital computing tasks. We define a generic model of parallel computation using optical interconnects, called the optical model of computation (OMC). In this model, computation is performed in digital electronics and communication is performed using free space(More)
In this paper, we present a sub-optimal solution to the problem of mapping application tasks onto heterogeneous computing systems. We rst review a mathematical programming formulation of this problem called HOST. Based on HOST, we then present an eecient algorithm for sub-optimal mapping of a given task represented in the form of a clustered task graph onto(More)
1 A preliminary version of this paper appeared in the edited volume entitled "Parallel Architectures and Algorithms for Image Understanding" by V. ABSTRACT In this paper we present an overview of the impact of optical technology on parallel image computing. We study a few eecient and simple optical organizations for a set of preprocess-ing tasks such as(More)
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