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This study reports the results of one experiment and a replication, aimed at investigating heart rate changes related to a pure intuition task. In each experiment, twelve subjects were required to guess which of the four pictures presented in sequence for about 10 seconds, was the target. Each subject performed 20 trials. In each trial the target was(More)
Starting from the radiative transport equation we derive the scaling relationships that enable a single Monte Carlo (MC) simulation to predict the spatially- and temporally-resolved reflectance from homogeneous semi-infinite media with arbitrary scattering and absorption coefficients. This derivation shows that a rigorous application of this single Monte(More)
This short report describes the scaling, up to 1024 software processes and hardware cores, of a distributed simulator of plastic spiking neural networks (DPSNN). A previous report demonstrated good scalability of the simulator up to 128 processes. Herein we extend the speed-up measurements and strong and weak scaling analysis of the simulator to the range(More)
BACKGROUND To assess safety and efficacy of tailored total lymphoid irradiation (tTLI) in cardiac transplant patients. METHODS A total of seven patients, of which five had recalcitrant cellular cardiac allograft rejection (RCCAR), confirmed by endomyocardial biopsies, and two had side effects of immunosuppressive drug therapy, were all treated with tTLI.(More)
Cyclosporine is one of the most widely used immunosuppressive agents in organ transplantation. Due to large inter- and intra-individual variations, its behavior in the specific patient is still difficult to predict. Dosage optimization is thus mainly performed on a trial-and-error basis. In this paper, we present a new program based on the population(More)
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