M. Mariela Morveli-Espinoza

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This paper introduces SATyrus, a neuro-symbolic architecture oriented to optimization problem solving via mapping problems specification into sets of pseudo-Boolean constraints. SATyrus provides a logical declarative language used to specify and compile a target problem into a particular energy function representing its space state of solutions. The(More)
Persuasive negotiation involves negotiating using rhetorical arguments (such as threats, rewards, and appeals), which act as persuasive elements that aim to force or convince an opponent to accept a given proposal. In the case of rewards, these have a positive nature as they use the argument that something positive will happen to the opponent if he accepts(More)
This paper presents the implementation of ARQ-PROP II, a limited-depth propositional reasoner, via the compilation of its specification into an exact formulation using the satyrus platform. satyrus’ compiler takes as input the definition of a problem as a set of pseudoBoolean constraints and produces, as output, the Energy function of a higher-order(More)