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Continuous dependence of spatially nonuniform concentration profiles for the 'Brussellator" reaction mechanims on the characteristic length of the system is given both for zero flux and fixed boundary conditions. Branches of solutions arising through primary bifurcation form closed curves. Secondary bifurcations giving rise to spatially asymmetric solutions(More)
In two-phase flow, the presence of inter-phasal surface – the interface – causes additional terms to appear in LES formulation. Those terms were ignored in contemporary works, for the lack of model and because the authors expected them to be of negligible influence. However, it has been recently shown by a priori DNS simulations that the negligibility(More)
Several examples of strange nonchaotic attractors are collected. The route to a particular kind of strangeness without chaos is explained and common typical features necessary for a generation of this type of strangeness are discussed. The capacity dimension is calculated analytically and requirements are estimated for a numerical calculation of the(More)
Non-chaotic strange attractor of a non-autonomous dissipative dynam-ical system with a 2-frequency-quasiperiodic forcing is studied. Following results from [1] numerical observations are rened and the route from torus to strange non-chaotic attractor is described in detail. Possible misinterpretations of experimental observations are discussed.
Application of 3 D imaging has been finding its place in many fields of marine science and technology and it has become almost indispensable tool in such areas like hydrography, marine navigation, seafloor mapping and characterization, marine GIS, ECDIS etc. Contemporary seabed mapping/imaging systems employing processed bottom echo records, acquired by a(More)
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