M. Mantelli

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The outer antenna system of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Photosystem I is composed of nine gene products, but due to difficulty in purification their individual properties are not known. In this work, the functional properties of the nine Lhca antennas of Chlamydomonas, have been investigated upon expression of the apoproteins in bacteria and refolding in(More)
The study of protein interactions with surfaces is important in many branches of biomedical engineering. A computer model has been set up in order to aid the understanding and prediction of the likelihood of protein adsorption at a surface and of coagulation between two proteins. In this model, a protein is represented as a hard sphere, neglecting(More)
Microalgae have a valuable potential for biofuels production. As a matter of fact, algae can produce different molecules with high energy content, including molecular hydrogen (H(2)) by the activity of a chloroplastic hydrogenase fueled by reducing power derived from water and light energy. The efficiency of this reaction, however, is limited and depends(More)
This article describes an energy-based approach to protein adsorption, focusing on the energies involved in the interactions between a protein and a surface. Mathematical modeling and simulation based on this approach allow an improved understanding of the conditions that favor or prevent adsorption of a protein onto a surface and that can play a(More)
This study is driven by the need to improve the oxide reliability of a memory cell. The effects of dynamic high electric field stressing on thin oxide have been studied. Difference between time to breakdown with static stress and dynamic stress has been shown. Trapped charge in interface states under dynamic and static oxide field stress has been(More)
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