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Speckle pattern forms when a rough object is illuminated with coherent light (laser) and the backscattered radiation is imaged on a screen. The pattern changes over time due to movement in the object. Such time-integrate speckle pattern can be statistically analyzed to reveal the flow profile. For higher velocity the speckle contrast gets reduced. This(More)
References 1. Powers AM, Brault AC, Tesh RB, Weaver SC. Re-emergence of chikungunya and o'nyong-nyong viruses: evidence for distinct geographical lineages and distant evolutionary relationships. To the Editor: Arboviral infections, such as chikun-gunya and dengue, are endemic to South Asia. Concurrent infection of these viral infections with another(More)
Air embolism often causes severe consequences in patients, in which several cases need fast treatment at the earlier stage. This paper proposes a computerized approach for detection as well as estimation of motion trajectory of air emboli using OCT contrast imaging technique. Due to change in optical properties, speckle pattern changes from fluid to air(More)
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