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This paper presents an electronic travel aid for blind people to navigate safely and quickly, an obstacle detection system using ultrasonic sensors and USB camera based visual navigation has been considered. The proposed system detects the obstacles up to 300 cm via sonar and sends feedback (beep sound) to inform the person about its location. In addition(More)
A Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) consists of different tiny physiological wearable sensors to monitor the vital signs of a human body and these sensor nodes transmit in real-time the sensed physiological information to the on-body coordinator or server over a wireless medium. Any radio frequency based wireless device suffers from interference due to the(More)
Speckle pattern forms when a rough object is illuminated with coherent light (laser) and the backscattered radiation is imaged on a screen. The pattern changes over time due to movement in the object. Such time-integrate speckle pattern can be statistically analyzed to reveal the flow profile. For higher velocity the speckle contrast gets reduced. This(More)
This paper presents the acquisition of heart sound signals and its separation from lung sounds based on the adaptive filtering technique. After signal acquisition, normal linear filtering techniques is not capable separated the two sounds, as both the sounds overlap in the spatial as well as temporal domains. Because of the signal tracking and noise(More)
A Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) consists of different medical sensors connected to an on-body coordinator through a wireless medium. The sensors are placed over a human body for continuous monitoring of physiological parameters. The information sensed by the nodes are transmitted to the on-body coordinator. Upon receiving these information from the(More)
References 1. Powers AM, Brault AC, Tesh RB, Weaver SC. Re-emergence of chikungunya and o'nyong-nyong viruses: evidence for distinct geographical lineages and distant evolutionary relationships. To the Editor: Arboviral infections, such as chikun-gunya and dengue, are endemic to South Asia. Concurrent infection of these viral infections with another(More)
Embolism can be a cause of life threatening situation for which early detection and diagnosis is of major importance. This work describes an automatic approach for air embolism detection and measurement of different morphological features of the embolus using OCT contrast imaging technique. Firstly, the channel has been segmented through morphological(More)
BACKGROUND Mumps is a vaccine-preventable disease that usually occurs as a parotitis, but it can also lead to several life- threatening complications, including pancreatitis, meningitis and encephalitis. OBJECTIVE To determine and diagnosis of mumps disease, which is communicable disease usually affects childrens. Although it is seen worldwide, but(More)