M Manea-Krichten

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Lead, Ba and Ca concentrations were determined in tooth enamel, femur and rib from buried skeletons of PreColumbian Southwest American Indians, 10 subjects who lived 1000 years ago on the Pacific coast at 34 degrees N, and 13 subjects who lived 700 years ago in a desert valley tributary of the Colorado River at 37 degrees N 111 degrees W, both groups living(More)
Lead and Ba in postmortem tooth enamel, rib and ulna of six contemporary people (67-96 years; ave. 80) were shown to exhibit similar accumulations with age in the three different types of osseous tissue: Pb/Ca (wt) = 3.0, 5.2, and 3.9 x 10(-5) in rib, ulna, and tooth enamel; and Ba/Ca (wt) = 2.4, 2.4, and 1.8 x 10(-5) in rib, ulna, and tooth enamel,(More)
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