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Alternative hypotheses were tested to explain a previously reported anomaly in the response of leaf photosynthetic capacity at light saturation (A(max)) in Miconia ciliata to dry-season irrigation. The anomaly is characterized by an abrupt increase in leaf A(max) for nonirrigated plants at the onset of the rainy season to values that significantly exceeded(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to compare the biomechanical characteristics of metallic and polymeric fixation systems using a 3-dimensional skull model to simulate clinical conditions of maxillary advancement and loading. MATERIAL AND METHODS Standard titanium, prebent titanium, and resorbable plates and mesh were applied to surgically altered(More)
The biodiversity loss, due to anthropic activities, has generated the necessity of studies that enable the ecosystem conservation. Nevertheless, the majority of studies restrict themselves to the floristic composition and phytosociological structure from determined pre-established diameter, neglecting attributes of the species, such as its (their) niche (s)(More)
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