M. Machimbarrena Gutiérrez

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This paper analyses, within the new growth theory framework and using panel cointegration techniques, the effect of agricultural international technological spillovers on total factor productivity growth for a sample of 47 countries during the period 1970-1992. The analysis shows that total factor productivity is strongly influenced by domestic as well as(More)
Two women with vulvodynia are described. In one patient, severe chronic vulvodynia developed secondary to contact dermatitis. Patch-testing confirmed the offending allergens. A second patient with vulvodynia was severely dermatographic. Evaluation of patients with vulvodynia should include an appropriate medical history and diagnostic studies to exclude(More)
A strong scientific rationale exists for conducting clinical pharmacology studies in target populations because local factors such as genetics, environment, comorbidities, and diet can affect variability in drug responses. However, clinical pharmacology studies are not widely conducted in sub-Saharan Africa, in part due to limitations in technical expertise(More)
The aim of the study was to describe mentoring profile, correlate mentoring profile with mentoring effectiveness and career related outcomes. Cross sectional descriptive research with key informant interviews and survey as data collection procedures of all colleges of pharmacy in the NCR were employed for the studies. There were 13 deans, 80 junior faculty(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the effectiveness of 2% glutaraldehyde as a sterilant for arthroscopes that had been used in septic joints. The first part of the experiment determined the minimum inhibitory concentration and the minimum lethal concentration of the disinfectant for five organisms frequently found in joint infections. The second(More)
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