M. Maamoun Abdel-Fattah

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We investigated the effect of psychological stress on lipid peroxidation activity in the mouse brain, the mechanism underlying the psychological stress-induced change in the activity, and the effects of anxiolytic and anxiogenic drugs on the activity in psychologically-stressed animals. Psychological stress exposure using a communication box paradigm for(More)
Textiles and clothing play an important role in the economies of the Mediterranean region. They significantly contribute to manufacturing production, employment and trade in several of these countries Although total exports of textiles and clothing of these countries are relatively small compared to other developing countries' exports such as China, Hong(More)
UNLABELLED The objectives of the current study are to define how many and what kind of nosocomial infections are occurring, what are the causative microbes and what kind of drugs can be used in treatment of infection at Al-Hada Armed Forces Hospital, Taif, Saudi Arabia during the year 2004. A prospective study was implemented for all cases admitted at(More)
OBJECTIVE Determination of the prevalence rate of emotional or behavioral problems, or both, among male Saudi schoolchildren and identifying the possible risk factors behind these problems. METHODS The study was conducted from March-May, 2003 and included all male schoolchildren of Al-Abnae schools specialized for the sons of the employees of the Saudi(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence and pattern of depression in a secondary school sample of Saudi Arabia adolescents. METHODS Four hundred and ninety secondary school students, comprising 306 males (62.4%) and 184 females (37.6%), in the age group 16-20, were surveyed from January to May, 2005 in Taif, Saudi Arabia, using the Arabic Beck`s Depression(More)
BACKGROUND High fertility levels are of major concern to planners and policy makers in most countries in the developing world. In Saudi Arabia, the rate of population growth is the third highest of the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. OBJECTIVES This study aimed at identifying determinants of birth spacing and attitudes toward family(More)
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