M. M. Sharma

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This paper describes the parametric study of a novel rectangular planar ultra-wide band antenna (UWB). The proposed design exploits U and T-shaped notches with stairs at two corners on the radiating patch along with stepped microstrip feed. The stairs are also used at the corners of the partial ground plane with a rectangular notch and an(More)
A dual band circularly polarized single-feed microstrip antenna for wireless communication systems is proposed here and its performance is tested in free space. This modified rectangular microstrip antenna having one protruded curved edge is simulated by using the IE3D simulation software. In between conducting patch and ground plane, designed antenna has(More)
In this paper a full composite fractal antenna, having a modified Sierpinski fractal antenna with 50-Ω microstrip line, used for dual band wireless applications. The S11 parameter and radiation characteristics of the antenna design indicate that a Sierpinski fractal antenna with circular slot having Dual Band frequency bandwidth from 3.8 GHz to 4.4(More)
Design and performance of an ultra-wide band truncated rectangular monopole antenna with band-notched characteristics is presented in this paper. In the proposed antenna, split ring resonator (SRR) is etched inside the truncated rectangular patch of the monopole antenna to achieve band-notch operation. The achieved impedance bandwidth of antenna is from(More)
In this paper, a new coplanar waveguide CPW fed Modified Circular Patch Antenna (MCPA) is presented. The proposed antenna is designed to operate from 3 GHz to 12 GHz. It consists of a circular patch which is truncated from two sides with respect to feed line. A stub of optimized dimension is attached to other side at a proper location to achieve ultra wide(More)
In this paper, a double-layered frequency selective surface(FSS) superstrate was proposed. The unit cell of the proposed FSS consists of a square slot and a Jerusalem cross structure, which are printed on two sides of the substrate. It is designed on the FR4 dielectric substrate with a relative permittivity of 4.8, loss tangent 0.025 and a thickness of 1.6(More)
Due to the dynamic changes of business environments and the advancements of technologies, information technology (IT) projects are facing lots of challenges, and there is requirement of systematic approaches to deal with the risks to ensure the project's success. As, no IT Project can ever be risk free. Here we are proposing a framework of automated risk(More)
A modified design of an ultra-wide band antenna (UWB) using stepped feed, partial slotted ground, two level stairs with notches in patch and ground plane is simulated with band rejection feature. The enhanced frequency range (3. 2 to 14. 0 GHz) is covered by the proposed antenna with the overall dimensions of 25. 0 (L) x 20. 0 (W) x 1. 60 (H) mm3. The(More)
This paper presents the simulation results and analysis of a right triangular microstrip patch antenna (RTPA) with slits for C band communication. In this paper due to the effect of length of SMA connector, the broadband behavior of antenna with circular polarization is achieved. Conventionally the tip of SMA connector is taken underneath of the patch but(More)