M M Nikolić-Durović

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Immunoradiometric assay (IRMA) for serum prolactin (PRL) measurement can give falsely low values, leading to unnecessary surgery in patients with prolactinomas. We studied clinical and biochemical features of patients with pituitary macroprolactinomas in whom plasma PRL levels had been underestimated due to the so-called "high dose PRL hook effect". This(More)
The effect of the tumor size on the anterior pituitary hypofunction is analyzed in 29 patients with acromegaly and 34 patients with clinically non-functioning pituitary tumor (NFPA). Gonadotrophin and free alpha-subunit (SU) concentrations during daytime variations (samples were taken hourly for 24 h) and after stimulation with TRH were measured as well.(More)
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