M. M. Mansour

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An outdoor pot experiment was conducted in 2014/2015 growing season at Giza Agricultural Research Station to evaluate powdery mildew (PM) severity on 18 flax lines. The tested lines were divided into two distinct groups. The first group included 12 highly resistant lines (HRLs). Disease severity on these lines ranged from 1 to 10%. The second group included(More)
This paper reports on an experimental research study that aimed at investigating the effectiveness of employing a virtual task-based situated language learning (TBSLL) environment mediated by Second Life (SL) in developing EFL student teachers' pragmatic writing skills and their technological self-efficacy. To reach this goal, a control-only experimental(More)
– In this paper, a simplified Bayesian networks with Noisy-OR and Noisy-AND nodes fault diagnosis system is proposed to estimate the faulty item of power generation station that includes; generation units, power transformers, station service transformers, autotransformers and station bus bars. The proposed method utilizes the final information of protective(More)
Serial determinations of nine proteins in sera and cerebrospinal fluid of 28 tuberculous and 27 purulent meningitis patients were carried out using the radial immunodiffusion technique. The results showed that mean fluid/serum ratios of most proteins before treatment were significantly higher in the purulent than in the tuberculous group. With treatment,(More)
Serum and CSF protein electrophoresis was performed on cellulose acetate in 8 controls and 30 cases of tuberculous meningitis before treatment and during a hospitalization period of 5 months. The analysis of the CSF electrophoretic pattern showed that abnormalities in the prealbumin, beta and gamma fractions may still exist as late as 5 months after(More)
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