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A shrubby plant, abundant in east Kenya, Gynandropsis gynandra (L.) Brig., was shown to exhibit repellent and acaricidal properties to larvae, nymphs and adult Rhipicephalus appendiculatus and Amblyomma variegatum ticks. All stages of ticks avoided the leaves of the plant and a high percentage of the ticks which were continuously exposed to its leaves died;(More)
To evaluate the knowledge, attitudes and sexual behaviour with respect to HIV and AIDS among Kenyan secondary school students, a questionnaire was issued to 3,018 students of mean age 16.3 years in 11 Kenyan schools. Questions of knowledge were answered correctly by an average of 77.1% of students. Areas where students' knowledge was less complete included(More)
During examination of leaves of different plants on Rusinga Island, Kenya, ticks were commonly found on the leaves of a plant identified asAcalypha fruticosa Forsk. var.villosa Hutch (Euphorbiaceae). Larvae ofRhipicephalus appendiculatus were the predominant ticks encountered, found quiescent on the undersurface of the leaves. Laboratory investigations(More)
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