M M Madzharov

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The paper describes a new method of correction of prominent ears which is based on mathematical preoperative planning of ear-to-skull distance. The antihelix is shaped by two dermosubcutaneous perichondrial flaps; the conchal spring is eased by means of a wedge-shaped cartilage excision in the area of the isthmus of the cartilage or the auricle, while(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish early postnatal norms for the main measurements of the soft-tissue orbits for the Slavic Bulgarian population (9 million), we measured intercanthal (en-en) and biocular width (ex-ex) and length of the palpebral fissures (ex-en) in a representative sample of newborns less than six days old. METHOD Eye measurements were taken with a(More)
Gonion-gonion and gnathion-stomion parameters of the lower part of the face were examined in 2300 healthy Bulgarians aged 3 days to 102 years with a view to use the data for plastic surgery needs. Immediately after birth the width of the lower part of the face was found to make up in boys 70.50% of that in men aged 20-25 and in girls 74.6% of that in women.(More)
For the purposes of art as a whole and of plastic surgery in particular an anthropometric research of lateral surface and the edge of the ears has been carried out from 1975 to 1979 among 450 grown-up persons of Bulgarian origin ( male = 225, female = 225). Using an apparatus for cephalometrics constructed by the author of this study, compasses and(More)
The author proposes microcomputer system for obstetric ultrasound examination "AKUZI", designed for work with personal computer "Pravec 286", "Pravec 16" and the similar IBM Pc/HT, PC/AT with operative memory 640 K, hard disk 20 MB, a floppy disk device, color or monochrome monitor and a matrix printing device M88, LQ 1050, CPF-135, ect. The system is(More)