M.M Müller

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If subjects are asked to recollect a former response after having been informed about the correct response, their recollection tends to approach the correct response. This effect has been termed hindsight bias. We studied hindsight bias in an experiment requiring numerical responses to almanac-type questions for physical quantities. We varied (1) the time(More)
Extracellular stimuli are often encoded in the frequency, amplitude and duration of spikes in the intracellular concentration of calcium ([Ca2+]i). However, the timing of individual [Ca2+]i-spikes in relation to the dynamics of an extracellular stimulus is still an open question. To address this question, we use a systems biology approach combining(More)
Arabidopsis thaliana has a relatively small genome of approximately 130 Mb containing about 10% repetitive DNA. Genome sequencing studies reveal a gene-rich genome, predicted to contain approximately 25000 genes spaced on average every 4.5 kb. Between 10 to 20% of the predicted genes occur as clusters of related genes, indicating that local sequence(More)
Overview: In driving hES cell technology towards widespread applications considerable effort has been focused on the improvement of culture conditions and on enabling efficient differentiation. We have established two technologies which will better enable researchers to achieve these aims. The use of feeder based protocols for the creation, expansion and(More)
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