M M Kuntz

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An autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction was demonstrated between T and non-T lymphocytes. Sheep erythrocyte rosetting was used to separate human lymphocytes into T and non-T lymphoid preparations. Non-T lymphocytes stimulated the proliferation of autologous T lymphocytes. The cell in this preparation that was most stimulatory had the characteristics of a K(More)
The basis for the age-associated defect in the response of lymphocytes to plant lectins has been studied. Using three independent assays we have shown that the number of mitogen-responsive cells is markedly reduced in lymphocyte preparations from old persons. In addition, studies using colchicine bloock and thymidine pulse techniques have revealed a failure(More)
  • W Yuan, K Kojima, B Wang, T Koike-Akino, K Parsons, S Nishikawa +95 others
A mode-evolution-based polarization rotator-splitter built on InP substrate is proposed by combining a mode converter and an adiabatic asymmetric Y-coupler. The mode converter, consisting of a bi-level taper and a width taper, effectively converts the fundamental TM mode into the second order TE mode without changing the polarization of the fundamental TE(More)
We report a hybrid integrated external cavity, multi-wavelength laser for high-capacity data transmission operating near 1310 nm. This is the first demonstration of a single cavity multi-wavelength laser in silicon to our knowledge. The device consists of a quantum dot reflective semiconductor optical amplifier and a silicon-on-insulator chip with a Sagnac(More)
A monolithic 25 Gbaud DQPSK receiver based on delay interferometers and balanced detection has been designed and fabricated on the hybrid Si/InGaAs platform. The integrated 30 µm long InGaAs p-in photodetectors have a responsivity of 0.64 A/W at 1550 nm and a 3dB bandwidth higher than 25 GHz. The delay interferometer shows a delay time of 39.2 ps and an(More)
Compared to traditional optics, photonic integrated circuits have advantages in size, weight, performance, reliability, power consumption, and cost. The size and stability also enable them to realize unique functions in coherent optics. Optical phase-locked loop (OPLL) based transmitters and receivers are examples. With photonic integration, the loop(More)
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