M. M. Gore

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An extension to ER (Entity Relationship) model for semantic modeling of databases in top down manner is presented. The model proposes a new entity type called composite entity type and a table based meta construct called tabletype relationship. A composite entity type models composite entities, whereas a tabletype relationship is shorthand and represents a(More)
Geographic routing protocols forward the messages in the geographical direction of the destination. This may result in the repetitive selection of a particular node which is at the shortest distance from the destination, among the transmitter's neighbor nodes. Such frequently selected nodes will deplete their batteries at a faster rate. Few papers have(More)
For any wireless sensor network to be useful, it is imperative that the constituent nodes are able to conserve energy and yet forward data so as to enhance network lifetime. In a sensor network where the sensing area is very large, transmitting data directly from far away sensor node to base station results into higher energy consumption. If data is(More)
One of the main design issue for wireless sensor network MAC protocols is to minimize the trade-off between energy efficiency and latency. To conserve the energy, wireless sensor nodes periodically go to sleep mode resulting in increased latency. This paper proposes low latency dual channel MAC protocol for wireless sensor network in which a node cancels(More)