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We assessed lipid goal achievement in patients at high risk for vascular events from a general practice (London, United Kingdom). Patients were identified as those with a prescription for hypolipidaemic medication, a significant (>20%) Framingham risk, and from the myocardial infarction register. Two hundred forty-five patients were currently taking a(More)
During the last few years, the number of research and development projects aimed at building hybrid robot has been increasing at a rapid rate. In this paper, a brief review on hybrid robot is presented. The main motivation for using hybrid robots and various applications of hybrid robots are discussed. Both published research papers and registered patents(More)
This paper is an attempt to develop a posture control strategy for quadruped robot. Here, a concept of posture control is proposed, in which, a revolute and prismatic (RP) manipulator with payload at the end is used to control the body orientation. For the said analysis necessary model is developed in the bond graph and efficacy of the proposed strategies(More)
The present work is an attempt to determine torque required at each joint of 6-Degree of Freedom Arc Welding Robot for typical horizontal fillet welding operation which will be useful for designing actuator. Here, range of welding speed 90mm/min & 2000mm/min is taken. Result obtained at the end of this analysis will be useful for designing actuator capacity(More)
—Quadruped robot has many advantages over wheeled mobile robots, but it is a discrete system in which joints of each leg has to operate in particular fashion to get the desired locomotion. So, dynamics plays an important role in the operation and control of quadruped robot. Proper conception of the dynamic formulation is must for the complex system like(More)
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