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The influence of an early chronic phenobarbital (PhB) exposure on local cerebral glucose utilization (LCGU) and on behavior was studied in the rat. The animals were treated from Postnatal Day 2 to Postnatal Day 35 by a daily injection of 50 mg/kg PhB or by saline and tested between 10 and 35 days for short-term effects of the drug on LCGU and between 70 and(More)
The influence of controllable painless stress and clomipramine treatment was evaluated on masticatory behaviour and myosin heavy chain expression in masticatory rat muscles: anterior digastric, anterior temporalis and masseter superficialis. The adult fast isoforms of myosin heavy chains detected were myosin heavy chains 2A, 2X and 2B. The myosin heavy(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the influence of stress on the open-close activity in mastication, using an animal model. For this, we have compared the single-motor activities of three muscles: anterior digastric (AD), anterior temporalis (AT) and the superficial masseter (MS) in different groups of rats classed according to emotional state and(More)
This study evaluated the influence of a controllable and painless stress, conditioned bright-light active-avoidance, on the expression of myosin heavy chain (MHC) protein isoforms in two nape and three masticatory rat muscles: longissimus capitis (L), rectus capitis dorsalis major (R), anterior digastric (AD), anterior temporalis (AT) and masseter(More)
This retrospective study concerning 96 observations from 1984 to 1987 allows to estimate the incidence of anaphylactoid reactions, the risk factors and the drugs involved in these accidents. During these three years, 96 anaphylactoid reactions due to anaesthetic drugs were collected. These anaphylactoid reactions were investigated by intradermal skin tests(More)
The variations of plasma histamine levels were studied in two groups of ten patients arriving in the operating room; the first group received midazolam, and the second a saline isotonic solution. The plasma histamine levels were compared, for each patient, to the histamine level measured the day before the operation. An histamine release was found as soon(More)
Stress and dental occlusion often are incriminated as causes of dysfunction of the manducatory system. How and in what degree these two factors came through has not yet been clearly worked out. Our study is carried out on a group of rats presenting one or both of these two factors and we proposed to examine the duration and frequency of some components of(More)
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