M. M. Devos

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Parameters of the meal pattern in rats were assessed and their physiological significance investigated through a detailed study of continuous graphic recordings over 20 consecutive days in ten rats. Both prandial and diurnal periodicities were examined. The definition of meals, by a criterion of 40 min of non-eating before and after a feeding episode, was(More)
The acute effects of electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus on energy expenditure as measured by indirect calorimetry were investigated in 20 unanaesthetized rats. Thirty sec of stimulation increased both O2 consumption and respiratory quotient (R.Q.). The largest magnitude hypermetabolic response (39% mean peak increase in O2 consumption) was produced(More)
The influence of congenital colour defects on a clinical computer test for equiluminous colour discrimination is studied. Differences in relative spectral sensitivity and changes in colour contrast discrimination are two distinct manifestations of the abnormal genes responsible for congenital red-green defects. The very simple and rapid method of the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the influence on examination time and test quality of the recently introduced SITA strategies of the Humphrey Field Analyzer. METHODS The sample consisted of 41 subjects (19 normal subjects and 22 glaucoma patients), all experienced in automated perimetry, ranging in age from 24 to 83 years. One eye of each patient was examined with(More)