M. M. Dessouky

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We have developed a methodology for allocating operating room capacity to specialties. Our methodology consists of a finite-horizon mixed integer programming (MIP) model which determines a weekly operating room (OR) allocation template that minimizes inpatients' cost measured as their length of stay. A number of patient type priority (e.g., emergency over(More)
This paper describes Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and the ARP cache poisoning (ARP SPOOFING) problem and presents a proposed architecture for detecting the ARP attacks. In addition, it discusses a set of techniques used to detect the ARP poisoning attacks on switched Ethernet networks. A new practical technique by adding external hardware element to(More)
In this paper, a Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) system is proposed to provide a comprehensive analytic method for extracting the most significant features of Alzheimer's disease (AD). It consists of three stages: feature selection, feature extraction, and classification. This proposal selects the features that have different intensity level at all(More)
The different discrete transform techniques such as discrete cosine transform (DCT), discrete sine transform (DST), discrete wavelet transform (DWT), and mel-scale frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCCs) are powerful feature extraction techniques. This article presents a proposed computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system for extracting the most effective and(More)
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