M. M. Chawla

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Quadrature formulas of the Clenshaw-Curtis type, based on the “practical” abscissasx k=cos(kπ/n),k=0(1)n, are obtained for the numerical evaluation of Cauchy principal value integrals $$\int\limits_{ - 1}^1 {(x - a)^{ - 1} } f(x) dx, - 1< a< 1$$ . Die Quadraturformeln vom Clenshaw-Curtis Typ, die auf den “praktischen” Abszissenx k=cos(kπ/n),k=0(1)n,(More)
We give a simple method based on Cauchy's integral formula for estimating the errors of numerical approximation for periodic analytic functions. We then obtain error estimates for the quadrature formulas of Chawla and Ramakrishnan [1] for the numerical evaluation of the Cauchy principal value integral $$I\left( {f;a} \right) = \int\limits_0^{2\pi }(More)
This paper deals with a class of symmetric (hybrid) two-step fourth order P-stable methods for the numerical solution of special second order initial value problems. Such methods were proposed independently by Cash [1] and Chawla [3] and normally require three function evaluations per step. The purpose of this paper is to point out that there are some(More)
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Quadrature formulas based on the “practical” abscissasx k=cos(k π/n),k=0(1)n, are obtained for the numerical evaluation of the weighted Cauchy principal value integrals $$\mathop {\rlap{--} \smallint }\limits_{ - 1}^1 (1 - x)^\alpha (1 + x)^\beta (f(x))/(x - a)){\rm E}dx,$$ where α,β>−1 andaε(−1, 1). An interesting problem concerning these quadrature(More)