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One hundred eighty-one dissected hands were examined to study the pattern of extensor tendons on the dorsum of the hand. Extensor digitorum often had multiple tendons for the middle and ring fingers. Its contribution to the little finger was usually by a bifurcating tendon common with that of the ring finger. The index finger always received a single(More)
Purpose – This article aims to explore attitudinal and behavioural differences between target and non-target groups of ethnic advertisements. It seeks to expand the existing body of knowledge by investigating these differences from the perspective of young consumers in an Eastern context. This helps in testing the established theories of distinctiveness and(More)
The lumbosacral spines of two fetal and twelve adult cadavers have been studied by dissection. Evidence shows that the fifth lumbar intervertebral foramen is crossed on its external aspect by a strong, cord-like corporotransverse ligament passing obliquely downwards, forwards and medially from the inferior aspect of the accessory process of the fifth lumbar(More)
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