M.M. Bhojak

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A sample of lower limb amputees and equal number of matched surgical controls was studied on body image, hopelessness and personality dimensions using Fisher's Body Distortion Questionnaire (BDQ). Beck's Hopelessness Scale and Hindi PEN Inventory. Amputees had significantly higher mean scores on body distortion (x 27.86), hopelessness (x 14.08) and(More)
Seligman and his associates have advocated a particular attributional style in depressive patients. The present study aimsat investigating attributional styles in depressive patients, in comparison to schiziphrcnic and non psychiatric medical patients. A matched sample of 30 depressive, 30 schizophrenic and 30 medical patients was selected from out-door and(More)
One hundred patients were selected from the cardiology outpatient department by non-probability purposive method. Each patient was evaluated by a psychiatrist and a consultant cardiologist The informations were recorded in a self designed proforma. The Hindi version of Goldberg's General Health Questionnaire and modified adjective check list for type A and(More)
Culture bound syndromes are generally limited to specific societies or cultural areas and are localized. Authors report a case which seems to be a new culture bound syndrome, has atypical presentation and difficult to categories but could be diagnosed as somatoform NOS (F-45.9). This syndrome is commonly called Gilahari (Lizard) among local public and(More)
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