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Experimental infection of puppies with Heterophyes heterophyes was associated with marked cell-mediated immune response that manifested itself by increase of T-cell count and leucocyte migration. The degree of cell-mediated immune response was inversely proportional to the intensity of infection. The significance of the results was discussed.
Studies were conducted into effects of Rift Valley fever virus on oestrous and vaginal cytology in non-pregnant ewes. 6 pregnant and 8 non-pregnant local Barki ewes were subcutaneously inoculated with different doses of virus isolated from Sharkia Province. Observed were irregularities in the oestrous cycle (20-28 days inoculation) and anoestrum. The(More)
Assertiveness is one of the essential skills in the modern working environment, there are many benefits of being assertive such as; better time management, increased self-esteem and the ability to negotiate more effectively. Psychiatric mental health nurses are confronted with the daily responsibility of assessing, intervening and evaluating client(More)