M. M. Al-Shomrani

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In this article, a shifted Legendre tau method is introduced to get a direct solution technique for solving multi-order fractional differential equations (FDEs) with constant coefficients subject to multi-point boundary conditions. The fractional derivative is described in the Caputo sense. Also, this article reports a systematic quadrature tau method for(More)
We show that the double of the nontrivially associated tensor category constructed from left coset representatives of a subgroup of a finite group X is a modular category. Also we give a definition of the character of an object in this category as an element of a braided Hopf algebra in the category. This definition is shown to be adjoint invariant and(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 nonlinear term is treated with the Chebyshev collocation method. The time discretization is a classical Crank-Nicholson-leap-frog scheme. Yuan and Wu 43 extended the Legendre dual-Petrov-Galerkin method proposed by Shen 44 , further developed by Yuan et al. 45 to general fifth-order KdV-type equations with various nonlinear terms. The(More)
Last few years are witnessed for growing the interest in Web-based Applications. Web applications typically interact with a back-end database to retrieve data to the user as dynamically generated output. In our work, an application is built for classification data sets, especially multi class large data sets, using parallel algorithm PMC-PBC-SVM. Our(More)
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