M. M. A. Rahman

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The study reports the level of traffic-induced noise pollution in Sylhet City. For this purpose noise levels have been measured at thirty-seven major locations of the city from 7 am to 11 pm during the working days. It was observed that at all the locations the level of noise remains far above the acceptable limit for all the time. The noise level on the(More)
Resonant converters are very attractive in practice because they have high efficiency, small size, light weight, fast dynamic response, low component stresses and low noise. One of the relatively new resonant DC-DC converters is a Series-Parallel Resonant Converter (SPRC) also called an LCC converter. Under constant frequency, the filter designs are(More)
Online banking in Bangladesh is a relatively recent phenomenon. The objective of this study is to figure out the impact of three influencing factors, namely, core services, security and trust, and awareness of service on the usage of online banking by the consumers. For this purpose, a sample size of 112 respondents living in the urban part of the capital(More)
This paper presents how power electronics concepts are utilized to teach the topics in power system analysis course. Power system analysis is one of the multiple core courses on power engineering in almost all Electrical Engineering programs around the world. At Grand Valley State University, it is the only course in power engineering offered to Electrical(More)
A microgrid comprised of wind, PV, and fuel cell generation systems along with a micro-alternator and a storage system is considered in this study. The small signal behavior of the system is investigated considering the real part of the dominant eigenvalues. The impact of the participation of the distributed generation sources on the small-signal stability(More)
Individual carbon nanotube (CNT) field emission characteristics present a number of advantages for potential applications in electron microscopy and electron beam lithography. Mechanical and electrical reliability of individual CNT cathodes, however, remains a challenge and thus device integration of these cathodes has been limited. In this work, we present(More)
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