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Primary human hepatocytes were immortalized by stable transfection with a recombinant plasmid containing the early region of simian virus (SV) 40. The cells were cultured in serum-free, hormonally defined medium during the immortalization procedure. Foci of dividing cells were seen after 3 months. Albumin- and fibrinogen-secreting cells were selected and(More)
Radio pulses emitted in the atmosphere during the air shower development of high-energy primary cosmic rays were measured during the late 1960ies in the frequency range from 2 MHz to 520 MHz. Mainly due to difficulties with radio interference these measurements ceased in the late 1970ies. LOFAR (Low Frequency Array) is a new digital radio interferometer(More)
The flux of cosmic-ray–induced single hadrons near sea level has been measured with the large hadron calorimeter of the KASCADE experiment. The measurement corroborates former results obtained with detectors of smaller size if the enlarged veto of the 304 m calorimeter surface is accounted for. The program CORSIKA/ QGSJET is used to compute the cosmic-ray(More)
Drug Utilization Research and Pharmacoepidemiology Meeting U t r e c h t ( T h e N e t h e r l a n d s ) , 19 M a y 1995 Organized by the Section of Drug Utilization and Pharmacoepidemiology of the Dutch Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Sectie Geneesmiddelengebruiksonderzoek en Farmacoepidemiologie van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Farmaceutische(More)
J. Milke, T. Antoni, W.D. Apel, A.F. Badea, K. Bekk A. Bercuci, H. Blümer, H. Bozdog, I.M. Brancus C. Büttner, A. Chilingarian, K. Daumiller, P. Doll R. Engel, J. Engler, F. Feßler, H.J. Gils R. Glasstetter, A. Haungs, D. Heck, J.R. Hörandel K.-H. Kampert, H.O. Klages, G. Maier, H.J. Mathes H.J. Mayer, M. Müller, R. Obenland, J. Oehlschläger S. Ostapchenko,(More)
In öffentlichen Kampagnen zur Krankheitsprävention (z. B. Hautkrebs, HIV) wird das Thema „plötzlicher Herztod“ bislang nicht thematisiert. Entsprechend ist der Öffentlichkeit unbekannt, dass der plötzliche Herztod eine der häufigsten vermeidbaren Todesursachen in Europa und Deutschland darstellt. Laien unterschätzen zumeist auch den Nutzen von(More)
In several liver diseases the biliary transport is disturbed, resulting in, for example, jaundice and cholestasis. Many of these symptoms can be attributed to altered regulation of hepatic transporters. Organic anion transport, mediated by the canalicular multispecific organic anion transporter (cmoat), has been extensively studied. The regulation of(More)
To evaluate and compare the needle placement accuracy, patient dose, procedural time, complication rate and ablation success of microwave thermoablation using a novel robotic guidance approach and a manual approach. We performed a retrospective single-center evaluation of 64 microwave thermoablations of liver tumors in 46 patients (10 female, 36 male, mean(More)
We present a method to grid-enable tandem mass spectrometry protein identification. The implemented parallelization strategy embeds the open-source x!tandem tool in a grid-enabled workflow. This allows rapid analysis of large-scale mass spectrometry experiments on existing heterogeneous hardware. We have explored different data-splitting schemes,(More)