M. Méndez

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OBJECTIVE Considering the increasing use of complexity estimates in neuropsychiatric populations, a normative study is critical to define the 'normal' behaviour of brain oscillatory complexity across the life span. METHOD This study examines changes in resting-state magnetoencephalogram (MEG) complexity - quantified with the Lempel-Ziv complexity (LZC)(More)
Magnetoencephalography (MEG) allows the real-time recording of neural activity and oscillatory activity in distributed neural networks. We applied a non-linear complexity analysis to resting-state neural activity as measured using whole-head MEG. Recordings were obtained from 20 unmedicated patients with major depressive disorder and 19 matched healthy(More)
OBJECTIVE The neurodevelopmental-neurodegenerative debate is a basic issue in the field of the neuropathological basis of schizophrenia (SCH). Neurophysiological techniques have been scarcely involved in such debate, but nonlinear analysis methods may contribute to it. METHODS Fifteen patients (age range 23-42 years) matching DSM IV-TR criteria for SCH,(More)
The development of an automatic index system of broadcast news requires appropriate Video and Language Resources (LR) to design all the components of the system. Nowadays, large and well-defined resources can be found in most widely used languages (Informedia), but there is a lot of work to do with respect to minority languages. The main goal of this work(More)
Many of the problems that arise in production systems can be handled with multiobjective techniques. One of those problems is that of scheduling operations subject to constraints on the availability of machines and buffer capacity. In this paper we analyze different Evolutionary multiobjective Algorithms (MOEAs) for this kind of problems. We consider an(More)
General rights Copyright for the publications made accessible via the Edinburgh Research Explorer is retained by the author(s) and / or other copyright owners and it is a condition of accessing these publications that users recognise and abide by the legal requirements associated with these rights. Take down policy The University of Edinburgh has made every(More)
The palladium-catalyzed intramolecular coupling of allyl stannanes with allyl carboxylates provides a general synthesis of five- and six-membered-ring carbocycles. The intramolecular coupling leads selectively to trans five-membered carbocycles and cis six-membered carbocycles, regardless of the cis or trans configuration of the allylic functions in the(More)
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